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This is an implementation of a novel method to model the animation of smoke using images/videos.


Acquisition system is excludend in this project. So we could not provide all the data. Never the less, I will put some samples on this site.

Third party libraries

  • CImg library
  • LBFGSB lib
Written by Ciyou Zhu in collaboration with R.H. Byrd, P. Lu-Chen and J. Nocedal.
NEOS, November 1994. (Latest revision June 1996.)
Optimization Technology Center.
Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University.

R. H. Byrd, P. Lu and J. Nocedal. A Limited Memory Algorithm for
Bound Constrained Optimization, (1995), SIAM Journal on Scientific
and Statistical Computing , 16, 5, pp. 1190-1208.
C. Zhu, R.H. Byrd and J. Nocedal. L-BFGS-B: Algorithm 778: L-BFGS-B,
FORTRAN routines for large scale bound constrained optimization
(1997), ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, Vol 23, Num. 4,
pp. 550 - 560.
  • TinyXML
  • GLEW 1.5.3
  • GLUT
Copyright (c) Mark J. Kilgard

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