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Program UI


We use MFC to implement a Program UI. We use this isue tracker to track process and tasks. Here are the main requests:
1) MFC main frame interface
2) RootPath selection
3) modeling / rendering function switching
4) render window
5) enable user manipulating of light direction and viewpoint
6) configure file (XML) loading and manipulating on the UI frame
7) frame selection (next / previous)


papagessy wrote Nov 25, 2010 at 5:28 AM

new version tips:
  1. add an transparent icon to previous and next button
  2. the PFM initlizing part will lead to an unknow crash, so i temporary made it a note.
    3.add a new dockable panel, and move the radiobutton on it.(the font does not look so good, i will fix it.)
  3. the opengl failure may be caused by the formview, i guess.

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